3 FEMMES 2021

3 FEMMES 2021 (TalentLAB)



The edition 2021 of TalentLAB welcomed us, Fanny Gilbert-Collet (stage director), Maarten Buyl (composer and sound designer), Céline Felga (set and costume designer) and Kelly Poukens (performer), for a workshop that led to a 20 minute presentation. This is the very first step in the development of an innovative artistic method that we are exploring.

The research is based on three creators who meet under the same voice, sometimes musical, sometimes visual: Ono No Komachi (Japan 825-900), Hildegard Von Bingen (Germany, 1098-1179) and Sylvia Plath (USA/England 1932-1963). Three women who have written poetry, fiction and scientific works quoting each other, using similar references and imagery. Their relationship with beauty, with the body, with nature and with maternity are among the topics they tackle. Throughout three distinctive historical periods and three continents far away they speak about universal and untemporal themes.