BEI MIR BISTU SHEIN (Opera Ballet Vlaanderen)

Stage Director for #verbeeldingleeft


Barbora Horáková and Fanny Gilbert-Collet give their perspective on the new reality we are all in. A visit to the barber shop, so trivial before the lockdown, nowadays feels like a controversial statement in a discussion about essential and non-essential workers. The Yiddish love song 'Bei Mir Bistu Shein', written for the musical 'I Would if I Could' in 1932, is the musical groundwork for this miniature performance. The English version, popularised by The Andrew Sisters in 1937, is sung here by Herlinde Van Den Bossche, Marta Babic and Sandra Paelinck. If you watch closely, you can even see a cameo by artistic director Jan Vandenhouwe!

Concept & direction: Barbora Horáková & Fanny Gilbert-Collet | Music: Sholom Secunda & Jacob Jacobs - Bei Mir Bistu Shein | Arrangement, piano & musical coaching: Pedro Beriso | Trumpet: Serge Rigaumont | Soprano: Herlinde Van Den Bossche | Mezzo: Marta Babic, Sandra Paelinck | Extras:
Pedro Beriso, Serge Rigaumont, Jan Schweiger, Peter Bellemans, Jan Vandenhouwe