(Brussels Philharmonic 2023)

Condutor: Kazushi Ono
Concertmeester: Henry Raudales
Regie: Fanny Gilbert-Collet
Sound Design: Stef Van Alsenoy
Soundscape voiced by: Fanny Gilbert-Collet, Maria Gil Munoz, Mari Hagiwara and Sayoko Mundy

The quest colors the entire evening: from performances and readings that question heroism to a concert with soundscapes and a custom lighting direction that showcases “the hero’s inner monologue. Who is your hero for tonight?

In the concert Ein Heldenleben, poetic soundscapes designed by Stef Van Alsenoy and Fanny Gilbert-Collet can be heard between the three works by Richard Strauss. Together with a veil of misty light, they form a unique sound world that gives new depth to the concept of a hero.

These soundscapes take their inspiration from Pablo Neruda’s poem Muchos Somos. The closeness that the spoken voice shares with the audience provides an opportunity to descend deeper into the subconscious. Moreover, Japanese poet Natsume Soseki’s haikus bring to life the four stages of human life, like subtle brushstrokes on the canvas of the evening.

“Tous les livres que je lis
célèbrent des héros éclatants
toujours sûrs d’eux-mêmes :
je meurs de jalousie pour eux“